Welcome to Studio Terrain

I am so excited to finally welcome you to Studio Terrain, virtually! What a year and journey it has been to get to this point - I am beyond blessed and grateful.


Studio Terrain came together in October 2016 with wishes of getting my hands dirty and creative mind churning. As I sat behind a cubicle for the longest time, I knew something had to change and fast. Diving deep into creative conferences, local workshops and tons of research for a couple of years, flowers were always top of mind.

It wasn't until April 2016 when I attended The Bloom Workshop in Pinckney, MI that I completely fell in love with floral design. Jennifer Haff, of Bloom Floral Design gave a talk and centerpiece demo and let us loose to do our own thing. I was in heaven. Today I welcome you with open arms. With so much support, love and hard work, the dream to bring beautiful floral visions to life is now a reality. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Generous, untamed, minimal, crisp, intentional, effortless, organic, natural, free-flowing, open, modern, diverse. All words to describe how I feel about Studio Terrain and where I wanted its visual elements to go.




Hayley, of Hayley Brooks Studio was the mastermind behind the beautiful logo, branding and website! She helped bring my ideas and vision to life, almost effortlessly. Hayley best described my vision as -

 "Fatima was inspired by flow garments and textures, warm muted tones, and bold modern type. She has an eye for all things elegant, without being overly feminine. We fell in love with the bearded iris for its unique form and fabric-like petals. A beautifully strange flower for this beautiful soul - Studio Terrain". 


And with so much love and warmth, I hope you love it as much as I do.

XO, Fatima